JVP Action PAC announces first endorsements for 2022 midterms

JVP Action PAC announced its first seven endorsed candidates, including progressive insurgents Brittany Ramos DeBarros (NY-11) and Shervin Aazami (CA-32) 

Washington D.C., March 15, 2022 — JVP Action PAC announced its first endorsements of the 2022 midterm cycle, seven incumbents and challengers who are committed to supporting Palestinian rights and ensuring that the U.S. stops providing  unconditional military funds to the Israeli government. Poll after poll shows that an increasing number of Democratic voters want to see Congress hold the Israeli government accountable for its human rights violations against Palestinians, and JVP Action PAC’s endorsements support candidates who will do just that. 

“With every passing year, more and more progressive members of Congress are standing up for Palestinian rights and demanding an end to the U.S. government’s complicity in Israeli apartheid. Last summer, as the Israeli military led a devastating assault on Palestinians living under Israeli blockade in Gaza, American voters poured into the streets to demand that this change happen even faster. The candidates that JVP Action PAC endorsed are all committed to shifting the political calculus in Washington D.C. to ensure that we can end the $3.8 billion annual blank check.” 

Stefanie Fox, Executive Director of JVP Action

JVP Action PAC announced the endorsements of the following two challengers: 

“Brittany Ramos DeBarros is running to become the next representative for NY-11. She’s a longtime community organizer, a passionate fighter for justice for all people, and an army combat veteran who has witnessed the violence and damage of U.S. foreign policy firsthand. She’s running for Congress to fix our broken system that harms our most vulnerable communities, whether in NYC or Palestine. Ramos DeBarros will be up against hawkish and anti-Palestinian former congressman, Max Rose, in the Democratic primary, and Trump-supporting Nicole Malliotakis in the general.”

“Shervin Aazami is running to become the next representative for CA-32. A public health activist and longtime organizer for Indigenous rights and economic and racial justice, Aazami is running for Congress to push for bold and progressive change that will finally meet the needs of working class people and build a U.S. foreign policy rooted in justice, not militarism. He is running to unseat Brad Sherman, a Democrat who sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and pursues AIPAC-affiliated policies, including opposing the 2015 Iran Deal.” 

JVP Action PAC announced the endorsement of the following five incumbents: 

“Representative Cori Bush represents MO-01. First elected in 2020, Congresswoman Bush has brought her organizing and activist skills to D.C. in unprecedented ways. She has consistently spoken out for Palestinian rights and taken bold stances to hold the Israeli government accountable for its systemic human rights violations.”

“Representative Betty McCollum represents MN-04. First elected in 2000, Congresswoman McCollum has spearheaded the fight to protect Palestinian children from Israeli military detention and abuse by introducing the first legislation for Palestinian rights in the House of Representatives.”

“Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez represents NY-14. First elected in 2018, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez has championed issues including Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, and immigrant rights and has brought support for Palestinian rights into her broader progressive agenda.”

“Representative Ilhan Omar represents MN-05. First elected in 2018, Congresswoman Omar has helped spark a new conversation on what progressive U.S. foreign policy should be, and is a consistent and vocal supporter of Palestinian rights.”

“Representative Rashida Tlaib represents MI-13 and is running in the newly-drawn MI-12, which consists of almost two-thirds of her current constituency. Elected in 2018, Congresswoman Tlaib is the first Palestinian woman to serve in Congress. Her progressive values and commitments have brought unprecedented American attention to the fight for Palestinian rights.”

JVP Action is an independent, non-partisan, 501(c)(4) political and advocacy partner organization of Jewish Voice for Peace. It is a multiracial, intergenerational movement of Jews and allies working towards justice and equality in Israel/Palestine by transforming U.S. policy.