Biden’s plan is a failed approach to Israel policy – and an insult to progressive values

Vice President Joe Biden’s plan for the Jewish community is a failed approach to Israel policy – and an insult to progressive values. Explicitly racist against Palestinians, it broadcasts how the Biden campaign is out of touch with a growing majority of the Democratic base. 

At a time when the Israeli government is moving to illegally annex parts of the occupied West Bank and formalize its apartheid regime, Biden’s plan never mentions “occupation” and “annexation,” confirming that he will continue to shield the Israeli government from accountability for its oppression of Palestinians. Worse, his plan guarantees ongoing U.S. funding for the Israeli military.

The plan also pledges to protect Israel from the growing social justice movement calling for Palestinian rights, and repeats anti-Palestinian rhetoric that falsely alleges BDS, “too often veers into anti-Semitism, while letting Palestinians off the hook for their choices.” 

Blaming Palestinians for their own oppression is an anti-Palestinian talking point and there is never an excuse for such explicit racism, let alone as the Israeli government makes blatant and illegal land grabs. 

JVP Action and other progressive Jewish organizations calling for Palestinian rights represent a significant and growing slice of Jewish communities and it is absurd that Biden released this plan of unwavering support for Israel as part of his approach to working with American Jews. It’s a disservice to all Jews who value justice and equality that Biden continues to equate Jewish values with support for Israel.

We’ve had enough racist and empty rhetoric. Biden is out of touch with the Democratic base, who increasingly belive we must stop funding Israeli oppression and pressure the Israeli government to end its systematic violations of Palestinian human rights. We need the U.S. government to finally take concrete action to fight for justice, accountability, equality and freedom for both Palestinians and Israelis.