We condemn GOP resolution erasing Israel’s racism 

Washington, DC — Jewish Voice for Peace Action condemns the House of Representatives passage of a GOP resolution attacking progressives and attempting to erase the reality of Israel’s systematic racism against Palestinians. 

H.Con.Res 57 was introduced and pushed through by Republicans in under 24 hours with the goal of making an example of Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal for her accurate statement that Israel is a racist state. It is undeniable that the Israeli government engages in discriminatory and outright racist policies. As affirmed by the UN, legacy human rights organizations, Palestinian and Israeli human rights groups, the Israeli government upholds separate and unequal legal systems for Palestinians and Israelis in the West Bank, continues to forcibly displace Palestinians from their land to encourage illegal Israeli settlement, and even discriminates against Palestinian Americans trying to travel through an Israeli-controlled port of entry. 

JVP Action applauds the bold members of Congress who opposed this cynical and dangerous resolution.

“This vote is truly an embarrassment for Congress. As we face devastating climate change, attacks on bodily autonomy, gun violence, attacks on trans children, and more, our elected officials are wasting their time trying to prove which political party loves Israeli apartheid more. Congress is trying to force a lie from the top down, but as more Americans demand accountability for Israel’s oppression of Palestinians, the lie will not hold for much longer.” 

Beth Miller, Political Director of JVP Action