State and Local Elected Officials Open Letter to President Biden Calling for a Ceasefire 

Note: This letter is still open for signers. If you are a State or Local elected official and would like to add your name, fill out this form: 

President Joseph R. Biden 
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

We the undersigned, as elected state and local representatives from across the United States, urge the Biden administration to immediately call for and work to facilitate a permanent ceasefire to end the current violence in Israel and occupied Palestinian territory. The temporary truce that came to an end on Friday, December 1st demonstrated that a negotiated ceasefire is the only way to release hostages and Palestinian political prisoners, deliver aid, stop bombing, and save lives. We are calling for a lasting ceasefire now.

We mourn the devastating loss of life of Palestinian and Israeli civilians since October 7. We condemn and oppose all indiscriminate killing of civilians.  

Over the last three months, the Israeli government’s deadly airstrikes and suffocating siege on Gaza have killed over 23,000 Palestinians, including over 9,600 children. On October 7, Hamas killed 1,200 Israelis, and took over 240 Israeli hostages in Gaza. 

Our constituents – many of whom fear for their loved ones – have made very clear that they want to see an end to this violence. They want the U.S. to immediately demand a ceasefire and we share and echo their calls. 

We cannot bomb our way to peace. We must demand a ceasefire now and then work to build a future without Israeli military occupation and siege. A future in which all Palestinians and Israelis can live in freedom and dignity. 


(List in Progress) 

  1. Representative Athena Salman House of Representatives, Arizona
  2. State Senator Juan Mendez State Senate, Tempe, Arizona
  3. State Representative Lorena Austin Arizona House of Representatives, Arizona
  4. Representative Stephanie Stahl Hamilton State Representative, Tucson, Arizona
  5. Arizona House of Representatives Cesar Aguilar Legislative District 26, Phoenix, Arizona
  6. Vice Chair Soli Alpert Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board, Berkeley, California
  7. Councilmember Konstantine Anthony City Council, Burbank, California
  8. Alameda County Democratic Central Committee Austin Tam Alameda County Democratic Central Committee, Alaneda, California
  9. Councilmember Christine Boles City of Pacifica, Pacifica, California
  10. Ms Pamela Drake Alameda County Democratic Party Elected Delegate, Oakland, California
  11. Councilmember Victor Aguilar City of San Leandro, San Leandro, California
  12. Delegate Paola Laverde Elected member, Alameda County Democratic Cetral Committee, AD14, Berkeley, California
  13. Chair Leah Simon-Weisberg Elected Rent Board, Berkeley, California
  14. Commissioner Berkeley Rent Board Vanessa Marrero Berkeley Rent Board, Berkeley, California
  15. Rent Board Commissioner Dominique Walker Rent Stabilization Board, Berkeley, California
  16. State Representative Iman Jodeh State Representative, Aurora, Colorado
  17. Senator Nick Hinrichsen State Senate, Colorado
  18. Councilman Joshua Michtom Hartford City Councilman, Hartford, Connecticut
  19. State Representative Robyn Porter House of Representatives, New Haven, Connecticut
  20. State Representative Christine Palm State Representative, General Assembly, Chester, Connecticut
  21. The Honorable Abdul-Razak Osmanu Legislative Council, Hamden, Connecticut
  22. Representative Brandon Chafee State Representative, Middletown, Connecticut
  23. State Representative David Michel CT General Assembly House District 146, Stamford, Connecticut
  24. Alderman Nathan Simpson Ward One, Common Council, New Britain, Connecticut
  25. Assistant Deputy Speaker Travis Simms State Representative 140th District, Norwalk, Connecticut
  26. 138th Bridgeport City Council Jazmarie Melendez City Council, Bridgeport, Connecticut
  27. Mr. Keith Denning State Representative, Wilton, Connecticut
  28. City Councilman Alexander Thomas City Council, Hartford, Connecticut
  29. Vice Chairperson, Wallingford DTC Frances La France-Proscino Vice Chairperson, Wallingford DTC, Wallingford, Connecticut
  30. Mayor Ben Florsheim Mayor, Middletown, Connecticut
  31. Commissioner Hayden Gise Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3C, DC
  32. Commissioner Dieter Lehmann Morales Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, SMD 1A02, Washington, DC
  33. Commissioner Stephen Kenny Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A, Washington, DC
  34. School Board Member Douglas Manley Christina School Board, Delaware
  35. Councilwoman Shane Darby City, Wilmington , Delaware
  36. Mr. Robert Hensman 5762 Sabal Trace Drive, North Port, Florida
  37. Representative Anna Eskamani State House District 42, Orlando, Florida
  38. State Representative Angie Nixon Florida House of Representatives, Jacksonville, Florida
  39. State Representative Dotie Joseph Legislator, District 108 (multiple municipalities in Northern Miami-Dade County), Florida
  40. Representative Ruwa Romman House District 97, Duluth, Georgia
  41. Senator Nikki Merritt 9th District, Grayson, Georgia
  42. State Representative Billy Mitchell State Representative, Stone Mountain, Georgia
  43. Georgia State Representative HD 101 Gregg Kennard State Representative, Lawrenceville, Georgia
  44. Mr. Gabe Okoye Legislative, Georgia
  45. Senator Kim Jackson State Senator, Stone Mountain, Georgia
  46. Representative Rep Becky Evans, Georgia State Representative, Atlanta, Georgia
  47. Georgia State Representative Dewey McClain, State, Lilburn , Georgia
  48. Representative Spencer Frye, House District 122, Athens, Georgia
  49. Representative Farooq Mughal Georgia House of Representatives, Dacula, Georgia
  50. Representative Marvin Lim, Georgia House of Representatives, Norcross, Georgia
  51. City Councilmember Liliana Bakhtiari, Atlanta City Council, Atlanta, Georgia
  52. Commissioner Jesse Houle, District 6, Athens, Georgia
  53. Senator Sheikh Rahman, State Senate, Georgia
  54. Senator Nabilah Islam Parkes, State Senate, Duluth , Georgia
  55. Geoegia State Representative Farooq Mughal, Georgia House of Representatives, Dacula, Georgia
  56. Representative Amy Perruso, State House, Wahiawa, Hawaii
  57. State Representative Jeanne Kapela, State House District 5, Captain Cook-Keaau, Hawaii
  58. Alderperson Jessie Fuentes, City Council, 26th Ward, Chicago, Illinois
  59. County Board Member & Commissioner Destinee Ortiz, Will County Board & Forest Preserve District of Will County, Romeoville, Illinois
  60. Township Trustee Terri Ransom, DuPage Township, Bolingbrook , Illinois
  61. Alderwoman Jeylu Gutierrez, Chicago City Council, Chicago , Illinois
  62. Trustee Sonia Ponce, Village Trustee, Summit, Illinois
  63. Alderperson Rossana Rodríguez Sánchez, Alderperson 33rd Ward Chicago, Chicago , Illinois
  64. Alderman Robert Pabon, Berwyn 5th Ward Alderman, Berwyn, Illinois
  65. County Board Member Elnalyn Costa, Will County Board, District 11, Bolingbrook, Illinois
  66. School Board Member Mohammed Jaber, CHSD230, Orland Park, Illinois
  67. State Representative Suzanne Ness, District 66, Crystal Lake, Illinois
  68. Winfield Township Democratic Organization Chair Lynn Casey-Maher, Winfield Township Democratic Organization Chair, West Chicago, Illinois
  69. Ms. Jacqueline Traynere, Will County Board Member, Bolingbrook, Illinois
  70. Commissioner Anthony Quezada, Cook County’s 8th District, Chicago, Illinois
  71. Alderperson Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, Chicago City Council, Chicago, Illinois
  72. State Rep Norma Hernandez, State Representative, Melrose Park, Illinois
  73. County Board Member Sheila Rutledge, DuPage Co Board, Wheaton, Illinois
  74. Representative Nabeela Syed, State Representative, Palatine, Illinois
  75. State Representative Abdelnasser Rashid, 21st District, Illinois
  76. Representative-103rd District Carol Ammons, Representative, Urbana, Illinois
  77. State Representative Stephanie Kifowit, Representative in the Illinois House 84th District, Oswego, Illinois
  78. Berwyn’s 8th Ward Alderman Joe Carmichael, 8th Ward Alderman, Berwyn, Illinois
  79. State Representative, 19th House District Lindsey LaPointe, State Representative, Chicago, Illinois
  80. Trustee Yareli Cortez, Summit Public Library Board, Summit, Illinois
  81. Representative Will Guzzardi, State Representative, Illinois
  82. School Board Member Junaid Afeef, CUSD 301 Board of Education, Elgin, Illinois
  83. Illinois State Representative Kelly Cassidy, State Representative, Chicago, Illinois
  84. Illinois State Representative 6th District Rep Sonya Marie Harper, State Representative 6th District, Children , Illinois
  85. Illinois State Representative Diane Blair-Sherlock, Illinois House of Representatives, Illinois
  86. Trustee Yasmeen Bankole Yasmeen Bankole, Village of Hanover Park, Hanover Park, Illinois
  87. 33rd Ward Alderwoman Rossana Rodríguez Sánchez, Chicago City Council, Chicago, Illinois
  88. State Senator Karina Villa, State senate, West Chicago, Illinois
  89. Board Member Greg Schwarze, DuPage County Board, Carol Stream, Illinois
  90. Alderman-at-Large John Laesch, Alderman-at-Large, City of Aurora, Aurora, Illinois
  91. Senator Rachel Ventura, Illinois State Senate, District 43, Joliet, Illinois
  92. Auditor Nazneen Hashmi, Trustee, Village of Streamwood, Streamwood, Illinois
  93. Board of Education Member Bushra Amiwala, Skokie School District 73.5 Board of Education, Skokie, Illinois
  94. Commissioner Grace Khan, Park District, Hanover Park, Illinois
  95. Will County Board Member Janet Diaz, Will County Board Illinois, Joliet , Illinois
  96. State Representative Dagmara Avelar, State Representative 85th District, Illinois
  97. Commissioner Alma Anaya, Cook County Commissioner (7th District), Illinois
  98. Trustee District 2, Village of Glendale Heights, IL Mohammad Siddiqi, Dupage, Village of Glendale Heights, IL, Glendale Heights, Illinois
  99. Clerk Barbara Parker, Clerk DuPage Township, Bolingbrook, Illinois
  100. Senator Robert Peters, Illinois State Senate 13th District, Chicago, Illinois
  101. Township Trustee Reem Townsend, Dupage Township, Bolingbrook, Illinois
  102. City-County Councilor, District 13 Jesse Brown, Indianapolis-Marion County Council, Indianapolis, Indiana
  103. Common Council Member Hopi Stosberg, Bloomington District 3 Representative, Bloomington, Indiana
  104. Honorable Ross Grooters, City Council, Pleasant Hill, Iowa
  105. Ms Usira Alu, School Board Representative, Portland , Maine
  106. Representative Nina Milliken, State House of Representatives, Blue Hill, Maine
  107. Representative Laura Supica, House, Bangor, Maine
  108. State Representative Ambureen Rana, Maine House of Representatives, Bangor, Maine
  109. State Representative Rebecca Jauch, House District 51, Topsham, Maine
  110. Representative Grayson Looknet, Representative to the legislature, Portland , Maine
  111. State Delegate Ashanti Martinez, Maryland House of Delegates, New Carrollton, Maryland
  112. Dr. Germano Brandes, Informatic operator, Baltimore, Maryland
  113. State Delegate Gabriel Acevero, Maryland General Assembly, , Maryland
  114. Mr. Tom Hendrickson, City Councilor, Agawam, Massachusetts
  115. City Councilor At-Large Willie Burnley Jr, City Council, Somerville, Massachusetts
  116. Representative Erika Uyterhoeven, State Representative, Somerville, Massachusetts
  117. City Councilor Kit Collins, Medford City Council, Medford, Massachusetts
  118. City Councillor Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler, Cambridge City Council, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  119. City Councilor Justin Tseng, City Council, At-Large, Medford, Massachusetts
  120. Worcester City Councilor At-Large Thu Nguyen, City Council, Worcester, Massachusetts
  121. State Representative David LeBoeuf, 17th Worcester District, Worcester, Massachusetts
  122. Councilor At-Large Shane Burgo, New Bedford City Council, New Bedford, Massachusetts
  123. Vice President Zac Bears, City Council, Medford, Massachusetts
  124. Councilor Jake Wilson, City Councilor-At-Large, Somerville, Massachusetts
  125. Senator Patricia Jehlen, State Senator, Somerville, Massachusetts
  126. Ward 2 City Councilor JT Scott, Ward 2 City Councilor, Somerville, Massachusetts
  127. Somerville City Councilor Naima Sait, City Council, Somerville, Massachusetts
  128. City Councilor Tania Fernandes Anderson, City Council, Dorchester, Massachusetts
  129. Senator Pat Jehlen, State Senator, Somerville, Massachusetts
  130. Councilor Bill Humphrey, City Council, Newton, Massachusetts
  131. Greenfield City Council Precinct 5 Marianne Bullock, City Council, Greenfield, Massachusetts
  132. City Councilor Etel Haxhiaj, City Council, Worcester, Massachusetts
  133. City Councilor Ben Ewen-Campen, City Councilor, Somerville, Massachusetts
  134. Councillor Quinton Zondervan, Cambridge City Councillor (at-large), Cambridge, Massachusetts
  135. Representative Mike Connolly, State Representative, Cambridge and Somerville, Massachusetts
  136. State Representative Laurie Pohutsky, State Representative, Michigan
  137. Senator Darrin Camilleri, State Senator, District 4, Michigan
  138. Senator John Cherry, Michigan Senate of the 27th District, Flint, Swartz Creek, Burton, and more., Michigan
  139. State Representative Alabas Farhat, Michigan House of Representatives, Dearborn, Michigan
  140. Representative Maria Pérez-Vega, District 65B MN House of Representatives, St Paul, Minnesota
  141. Council member Conni Buesgens, Council, Columbia Heights, Minnesota
  142. Senator John Marty, State Senator, Roseville, Minnesota
  143. State Senator Jennifer McEwen, State Senate District 8, Duluth, Minnesota
  144. Ms. Amáda Márquez Simula, Mayor, COLUMBIA HEIGHTS, Minnesota
  145. Ms. Rachel James, Councilmember, Columbia Heights , Minnesota
  146. Senator Omar Fateh, Minnesota State Senator – district 62, Minneapolis , Minnesota
  147. State Senator Zaynab Mohamed, State Senator, Minneapolis , Minnesota
  148. 6th Ward Alderwoman, City of St. Louis Daniela Velazquez, Alderwoman/Alderperson, City of St. Louis, Missouri
  149. Elected Rasheen Aldridge, Alderman, Saint Louis, Missouri
  150. State Senator Megan Hunt, Nebraska Legislature, District 8, Omaha, Nebraska
  151. Representative Heath Howard, Strafford 4, Strafford, New Hampshire
  152. Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds-Jackson, NJ General Assembly, New Jersey
  153. Assemblywoman Sadaf Jaffer, New Jersey Assembly, Legislative District 16, Montgomery, New Jersey
  154. State Representative Angelica Rubio, New Mexico House of Representatives, Las Cruces, New Mexico
  155. Councilor Alma Castro, City Council, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  156. NYS Assembly Member Marcela Mitaynes, NYS Assembly AD51, Brooklyn, New York
  157. New York State Assemblymember Sarahana Shrestha, New York State Assembly, Town of Esopus, New York
  158. Council Member Megan Deichler, Poughkeepsie Common Council, Poughkeepsie, New York
  159. Council Member Shahana Hanif, City Council, New York City, New York
  160. NYC Councilmember Sandra Nurse, City Council, Brooklyn, New York
  161. Councilmember Giselle Martinez, City of Newburgh, Newburgh, New York
  162. Senator Julia Salazar, State Senate, Brooklyn & Queens, New York
  163. Senator Kristen Gonzalez, New York State Senate, New York City, New York
  164. Trustee Stana Weisburd, Trustee of the Village of New Paltz, Village of New Paltz, New York
  165. County Legislator Genesis Ramos, County Legislature, Newburgh , New York
  166. Legislator Phil Erner, Ulster County Legislature, District 6, Kingston, New York
  167. New York State Assembly Member Jessica González-Rojas, New York State Assembly, District 34, , New York
  168. Councilmember, Ward 6 Gabriella Romero, Albany Common Council, Albany, New York
  169. Alderman Michael Tierney, City Council, Kingston, New York
  170. Supervisor First Ward City of Hudson Claire Cousin, Columbia County Board of Supervisors, Hudson, New York
  171. District Leader Cari Gardner, I am a District Leader in Athens ED 4, Athens, New York
  172. Assembly Member Zohran Mamdani, NY State Assembly, New York
  173. NY State Assemblymember District 50 Emily Gallagher, NY Assembly, Brooklyn , New York
  174. Council Member Tiffany Cabán, New York City Council District 22, New York, New York
  175. City Council Member Alexa Avilés, NYC Council, District 38, Brooklyn, New York
  176. Council Member Jennifer Gutierrez, NYC Council Member- 34th District, Brooklyn and Queens, New York
  177. Mr. Colin Palmer, President, Riverhead Board of Education, Riverhead, New York
  178. Deputy Mayor Alexandria Wojcik, Village of New Paltz Trustee, Village of New Paltz, New York
  179. Assemblymember Phara Forrest, New York State Assembly district 57, BROOKLYN, New York
  180. City Council Member At-Large Stanley Martin, Rochester City Council, Rochester , New York
  181. Councilmember Mary Lupien, City Council, Rochester, New York
  182. At-Large City Councilmember Kim Smith, City Council, Rochester, New York
  183. Senator Jabari Brisport, State Senator, Brooklyn, New York
  184. Council Member Chi Ossé, NYC Council, New York, New York , New York
  185. Alderwoman Michele Hirsch , Common Council, Kingston, New York
  186. State Representative Marcia Morey, N.C. House of Representatives, Durham, North Carolina
  187. Representative Renee Price, House of Representatives, North Carolina
  188. Representative Eric Ager, Representative NC House District 114, Fairview, North Carolina
  189. Representative Nasif Majeed, NC House of Representatives District #99, Charlotte, North Carolina
  190. Representative Munira Abdullahi, Ohio House of Representatives, Columbus, Ohio
  191. Senator/Rev. Dr. George Young Sr., State Senate District 48, Oklahoma City , Oklahoma
  192. State Representative Khanh Pham, State Representative, Oregon House District 46, Portland, Oregon
  193. Oregon State Senator Deb Patterson, State Senator, Salem, Oregon
  194. State Representative Farrah Chaichi, House District 35, Oregon
  195. Mr. Moshe Sherman, Council Member, Edgewood Borough, Edgewood , Pennsylvania
  196. Representative Rick Krajewski, State Representative, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  197. Councilperson Dan Grzybek, Allegheny County Council, Pennsylvania
  198. Councilwoman Jessica Semler, Borough Council, Etna Borough, Pennsylvania
  199. State Representative Lindsay Powell, State Representative House District 21, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  200. Miss Chardae Jones, Councilwoman, Braddock, Pennsylvania
  201. State Representative Elizabeth Fiedler, State House, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  202. Pennsylvania State Senator Art Haywood, State Senator, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  203. Councilmember At-Large Kendra Brooks, Philadelphia City Council At-Large, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  204. Councilmember Nicolas O’Rourke, At-Large City Councilmember, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  205. Councilmember Anita Prizio, Allegheny County Council, Pennsylvania
  206. Councilmember, At-Large Bethany Hallam, Allegheny County Council, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  207. State Senator Lindsey Williams, State Senator, West View, Pennsylvania
  208. Senator Nikil Saval, PA State Senate District 1, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  209. Senator Katie Muth, PA State Senator, Senate District 44, Pennsylvania
  210. Councilperson Alice Gabriel, Borough of Etna Councilperson, Etna, Pennsylvania
  211. City Councilor Miguel Sanchez, Providence City Council, Providence, Rhode Island
  212. State Representative Enrique Sanchez, House of Representatives, Providence, Rhode Island
  213. Dr. Sam Bell, State Senator, Rhode Island
  214. Senator Tiara Mack, State Senate, Providence, Rhode Island
  215. State Representative Jennifer A. Stewart, House of Representatives, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
  216. Senator Meghan Kallman, RI State Senate, District 15, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
  217. Providence City Councilor Justin Roias, City Council, Providence, Rhode Island
  218. School Committee Member Jennifer Lima, School Committee, North Kingstown, Rhode Island
  219. State Representative David Morales, State Representative, Providence, Rhode Island
  220. President, Providence City Council Rachel Miller, Providence City Council, Ward 13, Providence, Rhode Island
  221. State Representative Brianna Henries, House of Representatives, East Providence, Rhode Island
  222. President Pro Tem Kimberly Page, North Kingstown Town Council, North Kingstown, Rhode Island
  223. State Representative Cherie Cruz, District 58, Representative, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
  224. Town Councilor Katherine Anderson, Town Council, Rhode Island
  225. Representative Brianna Henries, State Representative, East Providence & Pawtucket , Rhode Island
  226. State Representative Arthur Handy, State Representative, Cranston, Rhode Island
  227. Metro Councilmember Sean Parker, Metro Council District 5, Nashville, Tennessee
  228. City Council Representative Amelia Parker, Knoxville City Council At-Large Seat C, Knoxville, Tennessee
  229. Representative Aftyn Behn, TN State Representative House District 51, Nashville, Tennessee
  230. Councilmember at Large Zulfat Suara, Nashville/Davisson County Metro Council, Nashvillle, Tennessee
  231. Councilmember Ginny Welsch, Metropolitan Council of Nashville and Davidson County, District 16, Nashville, Tennessee
  232. Councilwoman Delishia Porterfield Delishia Porterfield, Councilwoman At Large, Metro Nashville & Davidson County, Nashville, Tennessee
  233. Councilmember at Large Zulfat Suara, Nashville/Davidson County Metro Council, Nashville, Tennessee
  234. Trustee Nuzhat Hye, Irving ISD School Board, Irving , Texas
  235. Texas State Representative Salman Bhojani, Texas State Representative, HD 92, Texas
  236. Representative Suleman Lalani, TX House of Representatives House District 76, Sugar Land, Texas
  237. Texas State Representative Ana-María Ramos, State Representative, Dallas, Texas
  238. Councilman Tika Paudel, City Councilman, Euless, Texas
  239. Councilman Abdul Khabeer, Irving City Council, Texas
  240. Senator Tanya Vyhovsky, State Senate, Essex, Vermont
  241. City Councilor Joe Magee, Ward 3 City Councilor, City of Burlington, Burlington, Vermont
  242. Senator Nader Hashim, Vermont State Senate, Dummerston, Vermont
  243. Representative Mari Cordes, State Representative, Lincoln, Vermont
  244. Vermont State Representative Troy Headrick, State Representative, Burlington, Vermont
  245. Representative Jubilee McGill, State Representative, Bridport , Vermont
  246. Representative Kate Logan, State Representative, Burlington, Vermont
  247. State Representative Melanie Carpenter, House of Representatives, Hyde Park, Vermont
  248. Representative Jim Masland, State Representative, Thetford, Vermont
  249. State Senator Anne Watson, State Senator, Vermont
  250. Representative Esme Cole, House of Representatives, Vermont Legislature, Hartford, Vermont
  251. Representative Conor Casey, State Legislator, Montpelier, Vermont
  252. State Representative Caleb Elder, Addison-4 District, Vermont House, Starksboro , Vermont
  253. State Representative Saudia LaMont, VT General Assembly- House of Representatives, , Vermont
  254. City councilor Zoraya Hightower, City council, Burlington, Vermont
  255. Representative Mari Cordes, State Rep, Lincoln, Vermont
  256. Councilor Melo Grant, City Councilor – Central District, Burlington, Vermont
  257. Representative David Templeman, State Representative Orleans-3, Brownington, Vermont
  258. Representative Jonathan Williams, Vermont State Representative, Washington -3 District, Barre City, Barre City, Vermont
  259. Representative Kate McCann, Vermont State Representative, Montpelier , Vermont
  260. Commonwealth’s Attorney for Loudoun County Buta Biberaj, Commonwealth’s Attorney, Leesburg , Virginia
  261. Delegate Joshua Cole, State Delegate, Fredericksburg, Virginia
  262. Vice Chairman Harris Mahedavi, Loudoun County School Board, Ashburn, Virginia
  263. State Senator Jeremy McPike, State Senate, Woodbridge, Virginia
  264. Delegate Kelly Convirs-Fowler, Virginia House of Delegates, Virginia Beach, Virginia
  265. Councilmember Vivian Sánchez-Jones, City Council, Roanoke, Virginia
  266. Delegate Sam Rasoul, State Representative, Roanoke, Virginia
  267. State Senator Saddam Salim, State Senate, Falls Church, Virginia
  268. Representative Beth Doglio, Washington Rep. Dist. 22, Olympia, Washington
  269. State Representative and County Supervisor Ryan Clancy, 19th Assembly District, State of Wisconsin and 4th District, Milwaukee County, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  270. State Representative, Assembly District 77 Shelia Stubbs, Representative, Madison, Wisconsin
  271. State Representative Darrin B. Madison Jr., 10th Assembly District, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  272. State Representative LaKeshia Myers. Representative to the Assembly, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  273. Milwaukee Board of School Director Missy Zombor, Board of School Directors, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  274. State Senator Chris Larson, State Senator, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  275. State Representative Samba Baldeh, Wisconsin Assembly District 48, Madison, Wisconsin
  276. County Supervisor Juan Miguel Martinez, County, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  277. State Representative Francesca Hong, State Legislature, Madison, Wisconsin
  278. Director Sara Lamnin, Hayward Area Recreation and Park District, Alameda, California 
  279. Yolo County Supervisor Jim Provenza, Yolo County Supervisor, Yolo County, California 
  280. Representative Javier Mabrey, State Representative, Denver, Colorado
  281. Commissioner Jesse Houle, District 6, Clarke County, Georgia
  282. Commissioner Nadia Shah, Long Grove Park District, Lake, Illinois
  283. Trustee Emily Gilbert, Schaumburg Township District Library Board, Cook, Illinois
  284. State Senator Cameron Reny, SD 13, Maine
  285. City Councillor Burhan Azeem, City Council, Massachusetts
  286. State Representative Emily Dievendorf, Michigan House District 77, Michigan
  287. Representative Aisha Gomez, 62A, Minnesota
  288. Representative Cedrick Frazier, State Representative, Hennepin, Minnesota 
  289. Representative Hope Damon, Sullivan District 8, Sullivan, New Hampshire
  290. Representative Michael Granger, Representative, New Hampshire, New Hampshire
  291. Representative Susan Almy, New Hampshire House GR17, Grafton, New Hampshire
  292. Township Committee Person and Immediate Past Mayor Devra Keenan, Montgomery Township Committee, New Jersey
  293. Legislator Susan Parker, Chautauqua County Legislator, Chautauqua, New York
  294. Representative Pricey Harrison, NC House of Representatives, Guilford, North Carolina
  295. State Representative Chris Rabb, PA House of Representatives, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  296. Representative Andi Story, Alaska House of Representatives
  297. Senator Gary Winfield, State Senate, Connecticut
  298. Mr. Keith Denning, State Representative, Connecticut
  299. Representative Natalia Hussey-Burdick, Hawaii State House of Representatives, District 50 Hawaii
  300. State Representative Anne Stava-Murray, 81st House District, Illinois
  301. State Representative Cyril Nichols, House of Representatives, Illinois
  302. Representative Art Staed, Iowa House Representative HD 80, Iowa
  303. State Representative Sophie Warren, State Representative, Maine
  304. State Senator James Eldridge, State Senator, Middlesex and Worcester District, Massachusetts
  305. State Representative Jimmie Wilson, Jr, Michigan House District 32, Michigan
  306. State Representative Erin Byrnes, Michigan House of Representatives, Michigan
  307. Majority Floor Leader Abraham Aiyash, Michigan House of Representatives, Michigan
  308. State Representative Samantha Sencer-Mura, Minnesota House of Representatives, Minnesota
  309. Representative Andy Smith, Minnesota House of Representatives, Minnesota
  310. Representative Jay Xiong, MN House of Representatives, Minnesota
  311. State Representative Heather Keeler, MN House of Representatives, District 4A, Minnesota
  312. Senator Liz Boldon, MN State Senator, Minnesota
  313. State Rep. John Cloutier, New Hampshire House of Representatives, New Hampshire
  314. Representative Luz Bay, State Representative for Strafford County District 21, New Hampshire
  315. State Representative Alissandra Rodriguez Murray, NH House of Representatives, New Hampshire
  316. Representative Christine Seibert, State Representative, New Hampshire
  317. Representative Nicholas Germana, NH House of Representatives, New Hampshire
  318. State Representative Catherine Sofikitis, State Rep., New Hampshire
  319. Representative Wendy Thomas, NH State Representative, New Hampshire 
  320. Representative Eleanor Chavez, Representative House District 26, New Mexico
  321. State Representative Josh Boschee, District 44, North Dakota House of Representatives, North Dakota
  322. State Representative  Ismail Smith-Wade-El, Member, PA House of Representatives, Pennsylvania 
  323. State Representative Lauren Carson, State Representative, Rhode Island
  324. State Representative  Amy Walen, State Representative, Washington
  325. Representative Jessica Bateman, WA State House of Representatives, Washington
  326. Senator Jeff Wilson, Jr., Senator, Washington
  327. State Senator Noel Frame, State Senator, 36th District, Washington
  328. Representative Gerry Pollet, Representative, Washington
  329. State Senator Liz Lovelett, State Senator, 40th LD, Washington
  330. State Senator Yasmin  Trudeau, State Senate, Washington 
  331. Representative Alex Joers, Assembly, Wisconsin
  332. State Representative Jimmy Anderson, 47th Assembly District, Wisconsin
  333. Representative Shelley Kloba, State Representative, Washington
  334. Councilmember Sam Hindi, City Council, California
  335. Vice President Andriana Shea, San Bruno Park School District, California
  336. Councilmember Tom Hamilton, City of San Bruno, California
  337. San Bruno City Councilmember, District 4, Marty Medina, San Bruno City Council, California 
  338. Mr. Jefferey Hart, City Councilor, Connecticut
  339. Ms. Jacqueline Jackson, Commissioner, Waterbury Board of Education, Connecticut 
  340. Councilman Swarnjit Singh, Norwich City Council, Connecticut 
  341. Commissioner Carol Myers, District 8 County Commissioner, Georgia
  342. Commissioner Melissa Link, Athens-Clarke County District 2 Commissioner, Georgia
  343. County Commissioner Tiffany  Taylor, District 3, Athens-Clarke County, Georgia
  344. Mayor Kelly Girtz, Mayor of Athens-Clarke County, Georgia
  345. School Board Member Tim Denson, Clarke County School Board, Georgia
  346. Commissioner Carol Myers, Athens-Clarke Commissioner, District 8, Georgia
  347. Library Trustee Mohammed Mortoja, Glendale Public Library, Illinois
  348. Trustee Elizabeth Lindquist, Roscoe Township Trustee, Democratic Party of Illinois State Central Committeewoman, Illinois
  349. Mr. William Rose, Alderman – City of Rockford, Illinois
  350. Alderman William Rose, City Council, Illinois
  351. Library Trustee Mohammed Mortoja, Glenside Public Library, Illinois 
  352. Council Member Isabel Piedmont-Smith, City Council, Indiana
  353. Wakefield Town Councilor  Mehreen Butt, Wakefield Town Council, Massachusetts
  354. Councilor  Maya Jamaleddine, Melrose city councilor at large, Massachusetts
  355. City Councillor  Sumbul Siddiqui, City Council, Massachusetts
  356. City Councilor at Large Alison Leary, City Council, Massachusetts
  357. Monroe County Legislator Carolyn Delvecchio Hoffman, Monroe County Legislature, New York
  358. Assemblymember Robert Carroll, District 44, New York
  359. Councilmember Rita Joseph, Council, New York
  360. Councilwoman Colleen Schaefer, Councilwoman, Pennsylvania
  361. Council Member Dan Grzybek, Allegheny County Council, Pennsylvania 
  362. Ms, Seema Singh, City council member, Tennessee
  363. Supervisor Kenny Boddye, Occoquan District Supervisor, Virginia
  364. Councilmember Luke Priddy, City Council, Virginia
  365. Sterling District Supervisor Koran Saines, County Supervisor, Virginia 
  366. Director Devin Schwers, Soil and Water Conservation District, Virginia 
  367. Dane County Supervisor, District 27, Kierstin Huelsemann, Dane County Supervisor, District 21, Wisconsin