JVP Action Welcomes Department of Education’s Approach to Combating Antisemitism without Dangerous IHRA Definition 


January 5, 2023

Contact: Adina Marx | media@jvp.org | 929.290-0317

The Department’s new factsheet provides guidelines for protecting all students from discrimination without censoring free speech and Palestinian rights activists. 

Washington D.C., (January 5, 2023) — Jewish Voice for Peace Action welcomes the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights resource outlining protections against discrimination for students. By leaving out the dangerous IHRA definition of antisemitism that deliberately conflates criticism of Israel with antisemitism, the fact sheet highlights the real threats facing Jewish students. The Department guidelines lay the groundwork for how campuses should approach fighting antisemitism without intentionally attacking and censoring Palestinian rights and activists. 

“Progressive Jewish students across the country are working to dismantle antisemitism alongside all forms of oppression and bigotry. Creating safety for all people means building solidarity across communities. As one of many progressive Jewish groups that reject the IHRA definition, we are glad to see that the Department of Education’s approach to combating religious discrimination refuses to conflate criticism of Israel with antisemitism.” Abby Brook, Student Organizer, Jewish Voice for Peace

“For years, anti-Palestinian groups and Trump allies have been pushing the Department of Education to codify the dangerous and harmful IHRA definition of antisemitism, despite clear opposition from civil rights groups, as well as progressive Jewish and Palestinian organizations. The rest of the Biden administration should follow the lead being set by the Department of Education and focus on real threats to students, including antisemitism and all forms of racism.” Beth Miller, Political Director, Jewish Voice for Peace Action 

Learn more about the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights fact sheet from our partners at Palestine Legal


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